Hi! I'm Beau.

2009 2016 2019
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I’m a collection of verbs in a world of nouns. Emo but true. I have performed research in neuroscience and Bayesian machine learning, but I am not a neuroscientist. I have co-founded a couple companies, but I am not an entrepreneur. I have looked at, modeled, and wrangled a lot of data, but I am not a data scientist. I write a lot of code, but I am not a software engineer.

I am both a fox and a hedgehog — I love the clarity that comes from big ideas, but only inasmuch as they allow us to get things done in the real world. I am fundamentally skeptical of expertise, and especially the complacency that it generates, but also deeply respectful of those who have the devotion to master a field. My thinking is at once scattered, moving from one topic and project to another, and oddly consistent: I’ve realized that my interests and obsessions have a strong center of gravity. This site is one attempt to pull those pieces together.

In the Aristotelian triad of Theoria - Praxis - Poiesis (Think - Do - Make), I divide my time pretty evenly between the three.

Social. I’m @beaucronin on Twitter, and the same handle at Keybase and (with a dot, if you like) at gmail. Find me here on LinkedIn if you must. I have an older web page with a nice timeline of my life.

Personal. I was born in Berkeley, CA, and I currently live there with my wife and our two daughters. I am a sober alcoholic, in recovery (as of this writing). I have experienced significant, but thankfully not debilitating, depression and anxiety at various points in my life. Both are now significantly addressed by therapy and medication, and I am a big fan of both treatments – therapy for everyone, SSRIs and the like for those who need them. I work from home as much as possible, and going back to office life would be very hard to swallow. I use “he” as my pronoun. I put these things here because it is a way to spend some privilege with the goal of reducing stigma - as a white guy, I don’t need to worry about many of the consequences of disclosure that others must weigh. Let me know if you’d like to talk about any of these things.